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In addition to creating one-of-a-kind family trees for your loved ones, we also offer limited edition prints of Margaret Williamson's paintings or, if you prefer, you can commission Margaret to do a portrait of yourself or your loved one(s).

Limited Edition Prints

"Silence is Golden"
8 in x 10 inches with a green mat
$100 + ($10.00 Shipping & Handling)
Click here to order your prints today!

This serene piece is sure to brighten the life
of your loved one!

Commissioned works

Margaret Williamson can create a
custom work of art for you or your loved ones.
Either a portrait in oils or Margaret can create an
architectural piece of your home or other structure
which can be done in either oils or acrylics.

These one-of-a-kind works of art
come in a wide variety of sizes from as small as
8 X 10 inches to a work as large as you wish.

Art is priced, based on the number of subjects included in the piece and the overall size of the Art. E-mail Margaret directly for pricing information. Click here to contact Margaret.

Margaret can work from your photographs. We ask that after making your reservation, you send in several shots of the subject(s) to so Margaret can capture their essence in her work.

Commission work payments are done in three stages for your convenience. The first payment of 50% is due on the day the work is commissioned. The second payment of 40% is due after you approve sketches, prior to paint, and the final 10% payment doesn't come due until after you receive your portrait.

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